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DPF Cleaning Specialists.

In association with TerraClean

EGR, Turbo, and our ever popular Engine Carbon Cleans.

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Mobile services we provide for your convenience

Comprehensive engine diagnostics

Terraclean (carbon clean)

Smoke testing for leaks

DPF / EGR / Turbo Cleaning

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Engine Carbon Cleans

- Regain lost performance

- Reduce emissions

- Improve MPG throttle response

- Instant drive away difference

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Whilst a blocked DPF is a problem for you...

... for us, it's a symptom. DPFs block due to other problems and cleaning is not enough, you need the problem professionally identified and rectified, if not done correctly the unit will simply block again after cleaning.

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TerraClean service centres have a solution for cleaning your DPF. We can clean the DPF on your car using TerraClean patented equipment. Alternatively if the DPF is blocked with oil or ash, which simply cannot be cleaned by any system whilst the unit is on the vehicle, TerraClean dealers have access to our Total DPF Solutions system which will remove oil & ash.

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TerraClean service centre technicians have been trained to diagnose and understand how to resolve problems with your vehicle.

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Once the issue has been resolved, if necessary, the clean will be done. It is possible that the resolution of the problem may enable the vehicle to “regenerate” (self-clean), and your vehicle is back up and running without the cleaning service and the blockage will not reoccur.

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Had my 2005 Land Rover Freelander 2l TD terracleaned. Steve was very friendly, helpful and professional. Arrived on time, very approachable, happy to explain what he was doing and answer multitude of questions. Improvement was immediate - engine running quieter, smoother, with more power. Carbon knock has gone and she is back to her nippy self. Would highly recommend and will be booking mine in for annual terraclean.

Joanne Price

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can all vehicles benefit from TerraClean?

Yes, any diesel or petrol engine can be terracleaned. Cars, vans, motorcycles, even boats!

How often should I have a TerraClean to keep the engine working at its best?

Terraclean is designed as a preventative measure and therefore offers great benefits if carried out annually to stop the carbon build-up that causes so many engine problems.

Can you help as my car has no power and lights on the dashboard?

The cause of this is usually down to DPF issues or turbo over-boost/under boost! A comprehensive live data diagnostics test will be needed. The cost is just £60.

How long does it take to clean my DPF?

Most of the time I can clean your DPF on the vehicle without removal in 2-3 hours! It’s important to understand why the DPF has blocked as unless the fault it rectified it will block again! This can be down to one of the many sensors, EGR issues, glow plugs, boost leaks or occasionally driving style!

Where can you carry out your services?

My service is mobile so I can travel to your home or workplace

Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to contact me below or call me on 07875 736286. Alternatively, you can visit and message me via my Facebook page for more reviews, pictures, videos, and further information.


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